Were you looking for the weekly event The Shadowhoof Caravan, or the Call of the Caravans based out of Thunderbluff?

Cultural SignificanceEdit

I was born a caravaneer

Like my father was before me,

And should I cry as he set to leave

He'd sing me the song - the old strong song -

Of Acheelow'Mohachee

-- Opening stanza of "Acheelow'Mohachee", a traditional Shadowhoof song

Trade is an inseparable part of Shadowhoof culture, and caravans are quite literally the lifeblood of their society: it provides income, forms social ties, and influences tribal structure. Because of this, a small contingent of Shadowhoof are always on the move, hawking wares to weary adventurers all over Kalimdor and making sure to keep one step ahead of goblin industry. But, despite that rivalry - or perhaps because of - Shadowhoof caravans have a distinctly whimsical, free-spirit air. The caravans wouldn't be complete without food and wine, story and song, fortune telling or fire twirling, and of course, should something draw your eye, they'll be all too happy to barter.