Teigue is a shaman and scribe of the Dawnstrider Tribe. Though he spent many years fighting alongside the Horde, he had become more and more reclusive as the war in Northrend raged. He existed for a time as something of an ascetic, living alone as he trained and studied endlessly. He has recently removed himself from that isolation and joined with the Shadowhoof tribe.


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Teigue is not very large by Tauren standards, but is impressively toned from tireless training. He sports a broken horn and a long scar across his snout (and several others often covered by his armor) from an incident when he was a child and from the countless battles since. While reading he will sport a pair of round spectacles, as the writing of other races tends to be somewhat small.


Teigue's early life was fairly typical. He learned the skills of his nomadic people, he learned to appreciate all that the Earthmother provided, and he lived and played as any other Tauren child.

The first significant event that led to his future path in life took place when he was in his early teens. While many of the adults were out on a hunting excursion, Teigue was tasked to look after the camp and the younger ones. Suddenly, the encampment came under attack by a group of Quilboar. Teigue attempted to do his part in fighting off the beasts, but was unable to hold the boars back. He sustained several injuries before his father and the other adults arrived on the scene and managed to drive the beasts off. Teigue's broken horn and the scar across his snout are two of the many that he now carries as momentos of that fateful event.

Teigue hated himself for his lack of strength. His own father had been injured in the process of driving the boars off. Although Teigue had been praised for his bravery in the face of the Quilboar attack, he couldn't accept his inability to defend himself and his camp. He vowed to become stronger.

It was not long after this that he came under the tutelage of Meela Dawnstrider. He learned the ways of the shaman, the art of combat, and the philosophies of his people. He devoted himself wholly to this new way of life and came to be a respected shaman in his own right.

He has developed his own brand of philosophical thought, based on the teachings of the masters under whom he trained such as Meela Dawnstrider, Sagorne Creststrider, and Siln Skychaser, centered around the idea of letting go and allowing the natural flow of the universe guide you and move you. He has also developed this into a personal style of combat, believing that by opening oneself and letting go, one can sense the movements of his opponent and react perfectly and naturally.

He seeks total balance within and the ability to adapt and react to any situation by opening himself completely to that universal energy. He has been known to spend hours in deep meditation, seeking the answers locked within, or training vigorously to perfect his combat skills, strengthen his body and sharpen his mind. Having access to the other races of Azeroth through the union of the Horde has given him the opportunity to study the written works of the other races. The alliance with the Forsaken, though they be of questionable character, excited Teigue due to the prospect of at last having access to the great written works of the humans and their allies. He visits Lordaeron whenever he can to further his studies.

In recent years with the blessing of his teachers, the great shaman masters of Thunder Bluff, he has come to teach 'The Way' as he calls it to any who wish to learn. Body, Mind and Spirit. The Way seeks to perfect the balance and union of these three integral parts of us all.

Teigue spends most of his time in Ferelas, teaching, training, and leading as quiet and contemplative a life as he can. Still, peaceful as he wishes his life could be, he is often drawn into the conflicts that arise in Azeroth and beyond, and is always willing to step in to aid his allies in defense of his homeworld.


"The world is won by those who let go."

"Just as it is the clear mirror that reflects without distortion, or the quiet valley that echoes a sound, so must one who would study the Way purge himself of selfish and evil thoughts, for only with a clear mind and conscience can he understand that which he receives."


Teigue's personal philosophy could be equated to what we know of as Zen and Taoism.

His combat style, favoring his bare hands or simple weapons such as staffs, could likewise be equated with Okinawan Karate and Kobudo

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