The Shadowhoof Caravan is a weekly cross-faction market that visits lesser-populated areas in Kalimdor. The larger version of this event, Call of the Caravans, is based out of Thunderbluff, and occurs six times a year, or every other month.


  • To increase roleplay-based business transactions
  • To encourage global roleplay outside of the major cities
  • To engage in cross-faction roleplay
  • To raise gold for the guild so that we may continue providing roleplay events for the server


The caravan has a rotating schedule. Currently, it visits:

  • Stonetalon Mountians
  • Ashenvale
  • Dustwallow Marsh
  • Thousand Needles

For this month's schedule, please visit this thread.

Goods for SaleEdit

The Shadowhoof caravan is purposefully less mechanical than most market events, because as a self-sufficient tribe, the Shadowhoof sell what they've managed to make or find. Our goods vary slightly from one caravan to the next, so that customers can have the thrill of finding something new, should they so choose. However, certain vendors do have niches.


Kurshaw - Leatherworking ; Supplies

Teigue - Inscription

Mahagony - Fishing ; Food and Drink

Whitetail - Enchanting ; Booze ; GHI

Regular GoodsEdit

  • Pets - Snakes, Owls, Frogs, Prairie Dogs, etc.
  • Food and Drink - All levels from 1-80 (booze included)
  • Alchemy - Flasks, potions, elixirs, and herbs
  • Leatherworking - Leathers, skins, scales, and assorted armor
  • Gryphonheart Items - Our guild leaders will have a few custom items for those who use this add-on. We have plans to introduce Total RP items as well.
  • Whitetail's grab bag - A mixed bag of items that is constantly changing. No one knows the contents except Whitetail! Should you purchase it, you will receive five items and the bag itself (and, yes, the bag is random too - anything from a pouch to frostweave!)

Please NoteEdit

  • Bartering and item swapping is allowed, even encouraged!
  • We can and do cross-faction trade.
  • Other vendors of either faction are welcome to come along to sell their wares, as well.
  • If you want to join us to sell your goods, or you would like us to obtain a certain item for you to purchase on the night of the caravan, make sure you mail (H)Kurshaw/(A)Quince or (H)Whitetail in game ONE FULL DAY in advance.

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