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The Shadowhoof Wiki is about the guild of the same name within World of Warcraft. We are a tribe of Tauren based out of the Wyrmrest Accord-US realm. This wiki serves as a compendium of guild lore and is primarily intended as a reference guide for members.

This wiki is just starting out, so it's under some pretty intense construction. We would appreciate your patience as we add and update more articles!


The Shadowhoof look out over Thunderbluff.

The ShadowhoofEdit

Words from an elder:
Brothers and sisters, I come to you tonight to discuss a great people: The Shadowhoof and their respective kin have once again stepped out of hiding.

No longer will they simply watch as our great Earthmother is devoured by the war machine that is the Horde. No longer will they let the Alliance simply take lands from our ancestors. Standing proud on the cliff faces of Feralas and Desolace they battle anyone and anything that would challenge the peace in their homelands. Come children of the Great Mother! Come and stand with them! Stand and fight the lethargy of Thunderbluff and fight for what you know in your hearts to be true. For the glory of the Shu’halo! For our Ancestors! For the Earthmother!

-- Theshadowhooftribe 00:20, August 30, 2010 (UTC)


Who we are: The Shadowhoof is an all tauren heavy RP guild with a focus on tribal life. We are a neutral faction within the Horde that has decided to take a stand against the destruction of Shu’halo lands. A Feralas native tribe, they are semi-nomadic and conduct themselves in small groups of Shu’halo Caravan drivers from time to time. While not outright aggressive when dealing directly with outsiders, they do not condone the Horde and Alliance's childish war. Teaming up with the Kaldorei, the Shadowhoof fiercely guard the last of Kalimdor’s wild lands from turning into collateral damage.

What we do: We host guild and world events in various places such as Ashenvale, Desolace, Dustwallow Marsh, Feralas, Mulgore, and even Thousand Needles, to bring flavor to the guild story and variety to the server. We also do large scale events, push for world roleplay in southern Kalimdor, and cross-faction roleplay.

What we want: The Shadowhoof needs experienced, active roleplayers interested in tribal storylines. All characters MUST be level 20 ((Level 60 for Death Knights)) or above to apply. Your character should have a basic story already formed so we can properly assess your character for an application. We want creative and story driven people who want to have fun!

Personal Lore WarningEdit

As we state on our guild web site:

"This guild is based on the missing pieces of tauren history that have not yet been filled in by Blizzard -- or, put another way, we acknowledge and follow canon lore while elaborating on it in a reasonable and creative way. We do not claim to have the answers, and we are not here to lecture others. We are always willing to work with other players to achieve the most satisfying roleplay for all involved.

Just as many civilizations have their ideas on the way the world works and how things came to be, the Tauren are an eclectic people with many ideals."