The Shadowhoof are a borderlands people, wandering southwest Desolace and crossing over into northwest Feralas. The one exception to this rule appears to be a handful of full-blooded Shadowhoof families parked continually on what is now referred to as the "Isle of Dread".

Shadowhoof splinter tribes occupy different locations, but are not considered part of the main tribe, even if the last name remains unchanged.

Tribal desolace map

A map of Desolace, modified to show Shadowhoof pathing.

Tribal feralas map

A map of Feralas, modified to show Shadowhoof pathing.

Sacred SpotsEdit

The Kodo GraveyardEdit

Although the Kodo Graveyard is, technically, located deeper in Desolace than the Shadowhoof normally migrate, the emotional significance of the site moves the tribe to visit occasionally, usually for a tribe holiday, like the Ghost Dance.

The ColossiEdit

When Shadowhoof elders reach a certain venerable age, they relocate to the top of the Colossi. Younger tribe members are required to make frequent pilgrimages up the mountains to see the Elders, and a handful of Shadowhoof out of each generation are assigned the job of "Warden", or permanent caretaker. These Wardens would help the elders evacuate in an emergency.