Shadowhoof Tribal TotemsEdit

Wise Coyote: He is the laughing uncle to all Shadowhoof. His wisdom, though hidden in jokes and riddles, proves invaluable to the Tribe. Coyote is respected for his teachings of humility and intelligence. The Shadowhoof honor him with riddles and stories of his deeds. However, usually only one Shu'Halo out of the entire tribe is allowed to take Coyote as a personal totem: it is considered bad fortune to have "too much Coyote" around.

Hyena the Wanderer: As mercurial as her cousin Coyote, Hyena travels the wastes looking for adventure. She is neither good nor evil, but a mix of both to suit her own needs. This is why some hyena can be trained, while others remain wild. The scouts and hunters of the Shadowhoof give special thanks to this totem of travel.

Old Lady Wind Serpent: She is the wise one who gives council to the Shaman of the Shadowhoof. She is seen as a link between the land of the living and the realm of death. All Shadowhoof honor her through pilgrimages to seek her wisdom, but naturally the Shaman revere her the most highly. The tribe Spiritwalker usually receives Wind Serpent as their totem.

Carrion Bird: She is seen as the unbiased grandmother of the Shadowhoof peoples and caretaker of the dead. She and her children dispose of the dead and dying without remorse or malice. The Shadowhoof honor her with ceremonies to the dead and clothing made from the discarded feathers of her children.

Bear: He is seen as the embodiment of protection and compassion. The great bears that roam feralas are seen as the ultimate hunt, and to slay one of Brother Bear’s kin is to take a small part of his power into oneself. He is honored through dance and song at many Shadowhoof festivals.

Wolf: The wolf spirit is renowned for its loyalty and discipline to the ways of the pack. The wolves of feralas are another of the sacred prey to the Shadowhoof and to kill one is to understand the strength of the pack. Many warriors take up this totem to represent their loyalty to the tribe and its members.

Fish: At times fighting the current and other times swimming with it, sister Fish is an agent of inspiration and transformation. Her creative energy makes her a natural favorite among artists, but her ability to change in the midst of adversity makes her attractive in the eyes of teachers and providers as well.

Kodo: A strong and resilient ally, the kodo is the most respected totem in all Shu’halo culture. Kodos have served as the companions to the Shadowhoof caravaners for thousands of years. Able to carry the weight of a tribe’s future upon its back, the Kodo is seen as a caregiver in the Shadowhoof Tribe.

Hippogryph: A fierce warrior, the mighty hippogryph is seen as a figure of strength and hidden power to the Shadowhoof. The hippogryph is respected as the king of the skies in Feralas. The Shadowhoof honor the Hippogryph by using his brood as flying mounts and loyal companions.

Windrider: The embodiment of the wild skies, the Windrider is the mount of choice for the Shadowhoof Skytalons. Living upon the cliff-faces in Thousandneedles, the windriders are sought after by Shadowhoof to be tamed as mighty protectors of the skies.


The totems named here were influenced by the totems and myths of the Plateau and Basin Native American cultures. In no way are these suggestions canon Warcraft lore, and are to be used to add more depth to characterizations and storylines only.